What Has Been

What Has Been

Diffused by time, memory serves as a vehicle for conscious and sub-conscious delving into life experiences. What Has Been is a collection of elements from my personal history that has remained ever-present on the edges of my existence. At once evocative and contemplative, each piece serves to act in accordance, and in argument, one with another by way of an overall viewpoint of lamentation. As witness to the truth of living intertwined with the lives of others each artwork is a performative expression of the affects of sorrow, nurturance, and growth—of getting one’s feet steady and moving forward once again.

The idea that memory is part of identity creates the possibility of countless personal concepts. Autobiographical symbols such as hands, scissors, cotton bolls, stones, clothing, hair, rubber boots, concrete, plumb line chalk, beeswax, a newspaper-folded boat, a child-like escape rope, a makeshift veil, a pyramid, and the ever-watching eye act collectively as probing, self-reflexive underpinnings that aid the viewer’s awareness of the maker’s individual Self. These works and the objects associated with them serve as a partial archive of my identity in part to memory, and as evidence of the paradoxes of life having been lived.


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