incrementalshaping serves as a ‘parking space’ for some of my overall investigations, sketches, experiments, coursework, and mentorship exchanges during my years as a graduate candidate in the Boston Low-Residency MFA in Fine Art program at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Poking Around shares an ongoing list in no hierarchical order of fascinating places of World Wide Web inquiry that includes artist’s websites that, to me, are particularly interesting. *The Internet hosts a plethora of enriching websites/pages that I view as resources for learning. I wish to offer a shout out in the spirit of their contributions to our wider world view.

Books Abound is where you will find a growing list of books that I have read or am in the process of reading for my graduate studies and studio work. I hope they can be as enlightening for you as they are beginning to be for me!

Please feel free to send out a SHOUT about incrementalshaping by linking back to the homepage: https://stephaniewagnersincrementalshaping.org/

I welcome any and all questions, suggestions, and comments!


*  I make no claims of ownership of any content whatsoever on any websites with links that appear on incrementalshaping.
Please kindly contact me immediately if you wish to have your link removed.


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