This installation allowed for one week to chose a space on the 4th floor of the Tower Building at MassArt, plan, and obtain materials.   We could purchase and prep materials for our installations beforehand, if needed. Our proposals and a mock-up were posted to our class website. On installation day, we presented our ideas for peer review.  Our work was then installed during a three hour timeframe after which there was a critique of each student’s work. Unfortunately, I could not obtain permission to use fog in the Black Room (my installation site) because of the sprinkler system. I was, though, able to install all other elements, which included a large projection of a video, sound, and a laser. I would like to re-create the installation in another room size space without safety concerns, on a miniature scale wherein I could contain the fog, or to re-contextualize the video into another installation.

Installation Mock-Up

Artist Statement for Listening With My Eyes

          Declarative memory, sometimes referred to as explicit memory, is one of two types of long-term memory. This is not to be confused with non-declarative or procedural memory associated with skills, such as riding a bicycle again after twenty years and drawing on the unconscious memories of having already learned to ride one. There are two categories of declarative memory: episodic memory (personal experiences) and semantic memory (general facts).  As both my 75 year old mother and I continue to age, I am aware that time is running out, most especially in regard to her life. Everyday concerns tend to run up against the truth of existence and create a barrier against paying attention to intuition. Being a person who takes in so much through sight, I am very aware that I see before, sometimes more than, I really hear. That is to say, I see like hearing, but too often I do not remember spoken words in the everyday.  Increasingly, I have a keener understanding that I could be missing important messages between my mother and myself. Listening With My Eyes represents the challenges of listening and remembering, and my desire to hear past the obvious.

Fog = the evasiveness of episodic memory as we experience our existence

Episodic memory stores specific personal experiences based on observational information attached to a specific event, such as how your lover’s eyes gazed upon you the first time you experienced the throes of passion, what the floor looked like where you might have rested your forehead after learning that a loved one had tragically died, or noticing each time you cut your mother’s hair that it is increasingly turning more white in certain areas.

Red Line (laser) = represents a direct line of connection or communication; input and output; clarity

Semantic memory stores general factual information that is independent of personal experience, such as types of foods, state capitals and where they are geographically located, your social security number, your debit/credit card PINs, or the lexicon of a common language (English, Spanish, Sign Language).

Black Space = a blank slate, in-between space, a lifetime of shared experiences, or the mind

Sound = a means to connote waiting and getting someone’s attention, respectively

Installation__Summer In-Residence 2013

Site, Scale, and Technology