Something Said

Where is personal memory positioned within collective memory, and the continually revolutionized spectacle? Our stories are, at once, everywhere and nowhere lost inside the efficiencies and seeming un-preciousness of daily existence.  To attend to the autobiographical self is to recognize and consider the inexhaustible promise of the reminding meaning in people, speech, places, objects, and actions that surround us everyday. The power of observation and personal perception allows the sensory corporeal to locate, to apprehend, to incorporate, forms of language capable of articulating memories that are oft-times veiled in the banality of living.

  • I am a memory-individual who does not want to forget, one who seeks significance and preservation in the musicality of memory’s ordinary refrain.
  • I am an experimental memories-voice of the long forgotten set-aside, a seeker of the remarkable dignity found in commonplace tenderness, and hidden pleasure and pain.

Performance art allows me to exist within my works in various levels of space and time, to extend or shorten, to open or compress, with contemporary implication. To me, the evasive qualities of recollection permit memory-laced compassionate characterizations and re-representations to interweave the past and present. Through the embodiment of others my works awaken the silence of personal symbols, and hint at whispers of the mind. My performance art videos, memory infused objects and installations work as autobiographical signposts signaling a return to ‘seeing’ the whole.

Say Something

Say Something

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